10 Contoh Soal Essay Recount Text tentang Liburan dan Kunci Jawaban

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10 Contoh Soal Essay Recount Text tentang Liburan dan Kunci Jawaban

10 Contoh Soal Essay Recount Text tentang Liburan dan Kunci Jawaban

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Soal Essay Recount Text

Visiting My Village

Last month, I and my family went to Banyumas which was located in Central Java, Indonesia. We drove a car. I enjoyed the journey all day long although it took 2 days to get there. We were fun, my brother made some jokes all day. My father told us some stories on the way. My mother slept in the back seat. 😀

My first day in my village, I visited my siblings and friends. We are welcomed with happiness. When I saw my parents, they cried because they looked so happy to meet up their families. The next day, I, my brother, my cousin and my nephew went to a popular place in Purwokerto. It was called “Baturaden”. That was a favorite spot in Purwokerto. We enjoyed local specialty food as culinary. I was satisfied and so were they. Next, I took a photo with traditional music musicians.

My brother, my cousin and my nephew enjoy the view with other visitors. They took a photo with their style as I did. In the evening, we were back home. And did other private activities, such as made a conversation, told the story and made a joke.

The day after tomorrow, my cousin had a ceremony to say thanks to God for blessing their son. It was called “Nazar”. When the parents had a promise for something and it was realized. They had to make a traditional ceremony. I watched that traditional ceremony and took their photograph.

For the last show, we were entertained by “Ebeg”. It was traditional art. The player danced through the traditional music and they were handled by the spirit. It was scary, but it was fun and entertaining.

Time run so fast because the next day was our last day in the village. So I took the last photo to bring it home. They were my family and still family until the last breath in this world.

Finally, we had to go home and brought a love experience from family. Yaps… that was the hardest part.


  1. When did they go to Banyumas?
  2. How did they go there?
  3. Was the writer sad on the way?
  4. What did the writer do on the first day?
  5. What was the popular place in Purwokerto?
  6. What is the meaning of “private activities” in the 2nd paragraph?
  7. What did they call the ceremony to say thanks to God?
  8. Why was the writer scare with “Ebeg”?
  9. When did the writer take the last foto?
  10. Did the writer enjoy the holiday in the village?


  1. They went to Banyumas last month.
  2. They went to Banyumas by car.
  3. No, he was not. He enjoyed and he was fun because his brother made some jokes all day.
  4. The writer visited his siblings and his friends.
  5. The popular place in Purwokerto was called Baturaden.
  6. Private activities are the activities which belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people only.
  7. They called Ebeg as the traditional ceremony to say thanks to God.
  8. Because Ebeg was a traditional danced which was handled by the spirit.
  9. The writer took the last foto one day before he left the village.
  10. Yes of course. He enjoyed in the village.

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