110 Contoh Soal Tenses dan Grammar Bahasa Inggris Lengkap Dengan Jawaban

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110 Contoh Soal Tenses dan Grammar Bahasa Inggris Lengkap Dengan Jawaban

110 Contoh Soal Tenses dan Grammar Bahasa Inggris Lengkap Dengan Jawaban


Choose the correct answers!

1. I and my friends … in the library. We read some books
        a. am
        b. is
        c. have
        d. are
Jawab:    d. are

2. She … not work because she has the flu.

        a. is
        b. does
        c. do
        d. be
Jawab:   b. does

3. Alina … song every night.

        a. sings
        b. sing
        c. is
        d. does
Jawab:   a. sings

4. My father … tea every morning.

        a. drink
        b. drinks
        c. drinking
        d. is
Jawab:   b. drinks

5. They … a test every week.

        a. does
        b. has
        c. are
        d. have
Jawab:   d. have

6. Dolph: Please call me if you need.

    Jack: No. I … need your help.
        a. do not
        b. does
        c. not
        d. am not
Jawab:   a. do not

7. She is a student. She … at school.

        a. studying
        b. study
        c. studies
        d. does
Jawab:   c. studies

8. We … soccer match.

        a. doing
        b. watching
        c. watches
        d. watch
Jawab:   d. watch

9. Gina cooks fried rice. It … amazing.

        a. does
        b. do
        c. are
        d. is
Jawab:   d. is

10. My brother rides a bike to school …

        a. every day
        b. last day
        c. next week
        d. next time
Jawab:   a. every day


I. Choose the best answer!

1. Tomy, Jane, Mark, Sarah ………. smart students.

    a. is
    b. are
    c. am
    d. is not
Jawab: b. are

2. A: Hello, my name is Alice Wong
B: Hi, I’m Susan Crane.
A: Sorry, ……….
B: It’s C-R-A-N-E

    a. How do you spell your last name?
    b. What’s your last name?
    c. How do you spell your first name?
    d. What’s your spelling?
Jawab: a. How do you spell your last name

3. Are you a doctor?  No, I ……….  a dentist.

    a. am not
    b. don’t
    c. am
    d. was
Jawab: c. am

4. A: Hi, his name is David Foster.
B: ……….

    a. Where are you from?
    b. Where do you from?
    c. Are you from Singapore?
    d. Where is he from?
Jawab: a. Where are you from?

5. ………. your brother and sister ………. four languages?

    a. Did-speak
    b. Does-speak
    c. Do-speaks
    d. Do-speak
Jawab: d. Do-speak

6. Bob’s niece is very cute. ……….name is Mia.

    a. Her
    b. His
    c. He
    d. She
Jawab: a. Her

7. Most of us……….24 SKS this semester.

    a.  to take
    b. are be taking
    c. are taking
    d. be taking
Jawab: c. are taking

8. What are they doing right now?

    a. They are doing swimming.
    b. They swim right now.
    c. They are swimming.
    d. They usually go swimming.
Jawab: c. They are swimming

9. Irene: What will you do on next week?
Daniel: I ………. my grandmother.

    a. will visiting
    b. visited
    c. am visiting
    d. will visit
Jawab: d. will visit

10. What is he doing in the garden?

    a. He is watching TV.
    b. He is playing cards.
    c. He is eating.
    d. He is planting flowers.
Jawab: d. He is planting flowers.

11. Mega can’t come to the conference right now because she………. her little baby.

    a. taking care of
    b. is taking care of
    c.  is takes care of
    d. be taking care of
Jawab: b. is taking care of

12. It is still raining now outside. Therefore, the riders ………. their rain coat.

    a. are wearing
    b. will wearing
    c.  is wearing
    d. have wearing
Jawab: a. are wearing

13. Dina …….. her little brother to buy her some foods at the moment.

    a. askes
    b. is asking
    c. asked
    d. asks
Jawab: b. is asking

14. What time does your brother get up?

    a. He get up at 5 am.
    b. He always gets up at 5 am.
    c. He usually got up at 5 am.
    d. She always gets up at 5 am.
Jawab: b. He always gets up at 5 am.

15. Father ………. a car but he……….it very often.

    a. does not have
    b. has- does not drive
    c. had-does not drive
    d. has – is not driving
Jawab: b. has- does not drive

16. The baby …………. for three hours.

    a. has sleeping
    b. has slept
    c. has sleep
    d. has been slept
Jawab: b. has slept

17. Someone …………. the door now. We are not in the living room.

    a. are knocking
    b. knock
    c. is knocking
    d. knocked
Jawab: c. is knocking

18. ………. You and Ahmed at the library last night?

    a. Were
    b. Did
    c. Are
    d. Do
Jawab: a. Were

19. My older sister receives a lot of flowers ……….

    a. now
    b. tomorrow
    c. every February
    d. yesterday
Jawab: c. every February

20. X: Where did you buy your new book last night?
Y: ……….

     a. I sold it in Gramedia.
     b. I borrowed it from my friend.
     c. I bought it in Fajar Agung.
     d. I took it in Ramayana.
Jawab: c. I bought it in Fajar Agung.

21. Carmen and I ……… the lunch yet. So, we are very hungry now.

     a. haven’t eat
     b. haven’t eating
     c. have eaten
     d. haven’t eaten
Jawab: d. haven’t eaten

22. X: Why didn’t you answer my phone last night?
Y: Sorry, I ………. out to meet my lecturer, and I left my mobile phone at home.

     a. go
     b. am going
     c. went
     d. have gone
 Jawab: c. went

23. Sam ………. a very terrible accident on the avenue yesterday.

    a. to see
    b. saw
    c. being saw
    d. is seen
Jawab: b. saw

24. What did you do two hours ago?  ……….

    a. I watched TV
    b. I will study English
    c. I am reading a book
    d. I have breakfast
Jawab: a. I watched TV

25. My uncle ………. me a modern laptop last new year.

    a. bought
    b. was bought
    c. have bought
    d. to bought
Jawab: a. bought

26. Desi, Mitha, and Nina ………. here for ten years.

    a. been
    b. being have
    c. have been
    d. be have been
Jawab: c. have been

27. They have known each other since ……….

    a. two days
    b. tommorow
    c. 2003
    d. three years
Jawab: c. 2003

28. Ms. Jenifer ……….  a lot of novels since she was a teenager.

    a. has being read
    b. has read
    c. has been read
    d. has readed
Jawab: b. has read

29. X: Are you and your sister going to ………. the movie tonight?
Y: No, we are not. We are very busy this evening.

    a. come to
    b. see
    c. play
    d. theater
Jawab: b. see

30. I think ………. come at the meeting tomorrow.

    a. I will
    b. I will to
    c. I will be going to
    d. I will to going to
Jawab: a. I will

II. Choose the correct answer in the bracket to complete the sentences!

  1. The person on the bench (are/is) Barbara. (Jawab: is)
  2. She (has/have) long brown hair. (Jawab: has)
  3. She (does/is) smart person. (Jawab: is)
  4. She’s an accountant.  She (working/works) for the government. (Jawab: works)
  5. She (has/have) an hour for lunch every day. (Jawab: has)
  6. She often (eats/eating) Lunch in the Park. (Jawab: eats)
  7. She usually (bringing/brings) a sandwich and some fruits with her to the park. (Jawab: brings)
  8. She usually (sits/sit) on a bench but she (isn’t like/doesn’t like) sitting on the grass. (Jawab: sits – isn’t like)
  9. While she’s at the park, she (watches/watching) people and animals. (Jawab: watches)
  10. She (is seeing/sees) Joggers and squirrels when she (eating/eats) at the park. (Jawab: is seeing – eats)

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