4 Contoh Dialog Rencana Liburan “Planning for Traveling on a Holiday”

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Dialog Rencana Liburan “Planning for Traveling on Holiday” 2 Orang

Situation: Mark and Lucas are visiting America for holiday. So what will Mark and Lucas do in America? Let’s check this conversation.
Situasi: Mark dan Lucas mengunjungi Amerika untuk berlibur. Jadi apa yang akan Mark dan Lucas lakukan di Amerika? Mari kita periksa percakapan ini.

Mark: We are in America Luc, awesome! Are you interested in visiting Liberty?
Mark: Kita di Amerika Luc, mengagumkan! Aapakah kamu tertarik untuk mengunjungi Liberty?

Lucas: I have a better idea.
Lucas: Aku punya ide yang lebih baik.

Mark: Tell me!
Mark: Katakan!

Lucas: How about Grand Canyon? It will be fun.
Lucas: Bagaimana dengan Grand Canyon? Itu akan menyenangkan.

Mark: Yes, I agree with you, but what are we going to do in Grand Canyon?
Mark: Ya, aku setuju dengan kamu, tapi apa yang akan kita lakukan di Grand Canyon?

Lucas: There are a lot of things, man. We can enjoy the rock view. Thousands of peaks and the beautiful landscape. One more thing, it is gonna be so extreme. We will climb the highest peak in Grand Canyon. How about that?
Lucas: Ada banyak hal teman. Kita dapat menikmati pemandangan bebatuan. Ribuan puncak dan pemandangan yang indah. Satu hal lagi, itu akan sangat ekstrim. Kita akan mendaki puncak tertinggi di Grand Canyon. Bagaimana?

Mark: That’s cool! But we don’t bring any kind of pieces of equipment, Luc. And I think that it is prohibited to climb in Grand Canyon.
Mark: Keren! Tapi kita tidak membawa peralatan apapun, Luc. Dan aku pikir itu dilarang untuk mendaki di Grand Canyon.

Lucas: That’s quite easy, man. We can buy it in the local market. Are you afraid to climb in Grand Canyon?
Lucas: Itu cukup mudah, teman. Kita bisa membelinya di pasar lokal.

Mark: Of course, I’m not afraid. But there are some regulations in Grand Canyon for the visitors.  Here you go, based on www.nps.gov National Park Arizona. Grand Canyon Backcountry Regulations. It is the responsibility of a backcountry permit trip leader to ensure that all participants know and obey the following regulations. The trip leader and/or participants can be cited for violating these regulations.
Mark: Tentu saja, aku tidak takut. Namun ada beberapa peraturan di Grand Canyon bagi para pengunjung. Ini dia, berdasarkan www.nps.gov Taman Nasional Arizona. Peraturan Backcountry Grand Canyon. Ini adalah tanggung jawab dari pemimpin perjalanan izin pedalaman untuk memastikan bahwa semua peserta tahu dan mematuhi peraturan berikut. Pemimpin perjalanan dan / atau peserta dapat dikutip karena melanggar peraturan ini.

Lucas: How many regulations are they?
Lucas: Berapa banyak peraturan?

Mark: There are 15 regulations.
Mark: Ada 15 peraturan.

Lucas: Wow! Climbing is prohibited.
Lucas: Wow! Climbing dilarang.

Mark: Yeah. It is prohibited.
Mark: Ya. Itu dilarang.

Lucas: So, will we go to Grand Canyon this summer?
Lucas: Jadi, apakah kita akan pergi ke Grand Canyon pada musim panas ini?

Mark: Why not! Hiking is not too bad. We will take some pictures out there. 
Mark: Mengapa tidak! Hiking tidak terlalu buruk. Kita akan mengambil beberapa foto di luar sana.

Lucas: Alright. Don’t forget to bring the camera.
Lucas: Baiklah. Jangan lupa bawa kamera.

Mark: Sure.
Mark: Tentu.

Video Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon In Depth – More Than A View

Backcountry Rules and Regulations |Grand Canyon Backcountry Regulations

It is the responsibility of a backcountry permit trip leader to ensure that all participants know and obey the following regulations. The trip leader and/or participants can be cited for violating these regulations.

  1. A backcountry permit is required for all overnight backcountry use and MUST be in the trip leader’s possession while in the backcountry. Permittees must abide by all trail closures and activity or use restrictions.
  2. A backcountry permit is valid only for the trip leader, campsites, dates, and number of people specified on the permit.
  3. Carry out your trash. Burning, burying, or leaving trash or toilet paper is prohibited.
  4. A backcountry permit is void if on any night another group affiliated to yours (i.e. same club, organization, a group of friends, etc.) is using the same campground or use area. More than one group from the same organization or affiliation camping in the same designated campground or use area per night is prohibited.
  5. Commercial Use Authorization is required for commercial use of the backcountry.
  6. Wood or charcoal fires of any type are prohibited. Sterno or fossil fuel backpack stoves are permitted.
  7. Use of biodegradable or any other type of soap in creeks is prohibited, and hikers in at-large areas are encouraged where possible to leave room for wildlife and protect water quality by camping at least 100 feet away from natural water sources other than the Colorado River.
  8. Feeding, touching, teasing, or intentionally disturbing wildlife is prohibited.
  9. Throwing or rolling rocks or other items down hillsides or mountainsides, into valleys or canyons, or inside caves is prohibited.
  10. Leaving a trail or walkway to shortcut between portions of the same trail or walkway, or to shortcut to an adjacent trail is strictly prohibited.
  11. Possessing, destroying, injuring, defacing, removing, digging, or disturbing from its natural state any plants, rocks, animals, mineral, cultural or archeological resources natural features, or signs is prohibited. Walking on, entering, traversing, or climbing an archeological resource is prohibited.
  12. The use of motorized vehicles or wheeled devices, such as bicycles, motorcycles, baby buggies, and similar vehicles, on trails below the rim is prohibited.
  13. Overnight private stock use requires a backcountry permit. Use is restricted to trails and campsites designated for stock. Other domestic animals or pets are prohibited below the rim.
  14. Traps and nets are prohibited. A valid fishing license is required for all fishing.
  15. Because of their sensitive and sometimes dangerous nature, entry and/or exploration of any caves or mines must be approved in advance through Grand Canyon National Park.

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