50 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda dan Essay Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban

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II. Answer the following questions with the correct answer!

31. Use the correct verbs to these sentences!

a) He had saved up for five years before he bought a car.
b) When I arrive, she has got ready to go.

32. Translate the following sentences into English!

Bibi akan memberitahunya bahwa ibunya telah meninggal dunia.
Answer: Aunt will tell him that his mother has passed away.

33. Translate the following sentences into English!

Jane sedih karena telah menyakiti sahabatnya.
Answer: Jane is sad because she has hurt her best friend.

34. Complete the dialogues below with the appropriate expressions!

Mat: Let’s go, we must be hurry! The sun will rise.
Andy: OK. I want to see the sunrise from the top of this mount.
Mat: Hey! Look at the right side! The sun has risen.
Andy: Oh, my God, What a beautiful sunrise!

35. Complete the dialogues below with the appropriate expressions!

Ben: What will you paint about?
Lisa: I will paint about flower garden. How about you?
Ben: I have painted flower garden too, but my little sister has turned it. Well, I have to paint something else again, now.
Lisa: Oh, How awful.

III. Read the dialogue then answer the following questions!

Two best friends meet in the bookstore.

Jasmine: Karin!
Karina: Hi, Jasmine! What are you doing here?
Jasmine: I will buy some things to make handmade of our English task. You did not come to some days. Where have you been? Are you OK?
Karina: I’m fine, Jasmine. My mother got sick, she stayed in the hospital now.
Jasmine: I am sorry to hear that, dear. Tell me more.
Karina: She has cancer. Now, the doctor has treated her by chemotherapy.
Jasmine: Oh, it’s okay. Everything will be alright.
Karina: Look at it! Yesterday, I made this small bag for you. Do you like it?
Jasmine: Well, what a beautiful bag it is! Thank you, Karina. I really like it!

36. Who are talking in the dialogue?
Answer: Jasmine and Karina

37. Where does the dialogue take place?
Answer: In the bookstore.

38. Why did Karina not come to school?
Answer: Her mother stayed in the hospital.

39. Mention the expression of sympathy in the dialogue above!
Answer: I am sorry to hear that, dear.

40. Mention the expression of admiration in the dialogue above!
Answer: What a beautiful bag it is!

IV. Translate the following sentences into English!

41. Saya telah, mengerjakan pekerjaan rumah saya.
Answer: I have done my homework.

42. Angie telah menelephone Dian sebelum dia datang ke Indonesia.
Answer: Angie had phoned Dian before he came to Indonesia.

43. Gina sudah menonton film itu beberapa kali.
Answer: Gina has watched that movie several times.

44. Betty telah tinggal di rumah itu sejak 2008.
Answer: Betty had lived in that house since 2008.

45. Bibiku telah datang dari desa untuk mengunjungi kami.
Answer: My aunt has come from the village for visiting us.

46. Harry telah bekerja selama delapan tahun sebagai guru Matematika.
Answer: Harry had worked for eight years as a Math teacher.

47. Rudi telah mengetahui tentang kecelakaan itu.
Answer: Rudi has known that accident.

48. Gurunya telah pindah ke sekolah lain.
Answer: His/her teacher has moved to another school.

49. Dia telah bermain gitar di kamarnya.
Answer: He has played the guitar in her room.

50. Yoko telah memasak Sushi.
Answer: Yoko has cooked Sushi.

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