Contoh Skripsi Chapter III Tentang Word Pyramid dan Vocabulary Mastery

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Contoh Skripsi Chapter III Tentang Word Pyramid dan Vocabulary Mastery

Contoh Skripsi Chapter III Tentang Word Pyramid dan Vocabulary Mastery


3.1 Method of the Research

The research was conducted by using the experimental method to know the influence of Word Pyramid Game toward students’ vocabulary mastery. The writer used a class in the research. The writer did the treatment to know the influence of Word Pyramid Game towards students’ vocabulary mastery. The treatment was done four times. After giving the treatment the writer gave the test.

3.2 The Variable of the Research

In this research there are two variables, as follows:

  1. The independent variable is Word Pyramid Game
  2. The dependent variable is students’ vocabulary mastery

3.3 The Operational Definition of Variable

The operational definition of a variable is used to describe the characteristics of the variable that was investigated by the researcher:

  1. Word Pyramid Game is the teaching technique that is designed to improve students’ vocabulary mastery.
  2. Students’ vocabulary mastery is students’ ability to know the meaning of English words and being able to use them appropriately. It is indicated by the score of the test given.

3.4. The Population, the Sample, and the Sampling Technique 

3.4.1 The Population

The population of the research was the students of grade VII of SMP Budi Mulia, Kedaton, Bandar Lampung at the second semester in academic year 2011/2012. That consists of two classes of 40 students.

3.4.2 The Sample

The writer took one class as the sample. It is VII A of SMP Budi Mulia, Kedaton, Bandar Lampung at the second semester in academic year 2011/2012.  It consists of 20 students.

3.4.3 The Sampling Technique

Conducting the research, the writer used Cluster Random Sampling Technique, because the population is homogeneous. It means that the students’ ability is the same as each other. In another word, there is no excellent class.

3.5 The Data Collecting Technique

In the research, the writer needed some data to complete the research. The writer used some technique for collecting data, that is:

  1. The Main Technique
    In this research, the writer gave the test to the students. The test was multiple choice tests to know the students’ vocabulary mastery.
  1. The Supporting Technique
    To support the main technique, the researcher used observation to find out appropriate data. The writer used the observation to know the condition of the school, a material of the students themselves. In this case, the writer saw the way of teaching and learning the process in the class especially in English.

3.6 The Validity and Reliability of Test

3.6. 1 The Instrument Test of Research

3.6.1. 1 The Validity of Test

A test is said to be a good test if it is validity. Validity means that the test exactly measures what it means to measure. To know the validity of the test, in this research, the researcher used the current curriculum. It means that the test is designed based on the current and curriculum. To determine the reliability of the test, the researcher tried out test items.

3.6.1. 2 The Reliability of Test

To know the reliability of the test, the writer did the tryout. The sample is out of the sample. The steps of doing the try out are as follow:

  1. Perform the test to students out of the sample.
  2. Divide the result into even and odd member.
  3. Analyze the result by using Product Moment Formula as follow:
  4. For determining reliability test, the writer did the try out first, used the formula of Sperman Brown as follows:

3.7 The Data Analysis

To know the result of the research, the researcher analyzed the data. In analyzing the data of this research, the researcher used the mean recommended.

This is represented by the following formula:

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