Contoh Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII tentang “Narrative Text”

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Dear Readers, – Narrative text adalah suatu jenis teks yang berupa cerita khayalan, kisah nyata yang direkayasa, atau dongeng. Narrative text menceritakan suatu cerita yang memiliki rangkaian peristiwa kronologis yang saling terhubung. Tujuan dari narrative text adalah untuk menghibur pembacanya.

Siap untuk mengetes kemampuan kalian tentang Narrative Text!

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Contoh Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII tentang “Narrative Text”

Narrative Text

A beggar

A beggar found a leather purse that someone had dropped in the marketplace. Opening it, he discovered that it contained 100 pieces of gold. Then he heard a merchant shout, “A reward! A reward to the one who finds my leather purse!”

Contoh Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII tentang "Narrative Text"

Being an honest man, the beggar came forward and handed the purse to the merchant says, “Here is your purse. May I have the reward now?”
“Reward?” scoffed the merchant, greedily counting his gold. “Why the purse I dropped had 200 pieces of gold in it. You’ve already stolen more than the reward! Go away or I’ll tell the police.” “I’m an honest man,” said the beggar defiantly. “Let us take this matter to the court.” In court, the judge patiently listened to both sides of the story and said, “I believe you both. Justice is possible! Merchant, you stated that the purse you lost contained 200 pieces of gold. Well, that’s a considerable cost. But, the purse this beggar found had only 100 pieces of gold. Therefore, it couldn’t be the one you lost.” And, with that, the judge gave the purse and all the gold to the beggar.

Soal Narrative Text


1. The passage mainly tells about ….

A. a beggar
B. a stolen purse
C. an honest beggar
D. a reward of a stolen purse
E. a beggar and a merchant

2. A beggar is ….

A. a person asked for money for living
B. a person sold something for a living
C. a man stole the purse
D. a place sold the purse
E. a very smart person

3. What is the character of the merchant?

A. Deceitful.
B. Honest
C. Clever.
D. Smart.
E. Calm.

4. Which paragraph told that the merchant was deceiving?

A. Paragraph 1.
B. Paragraph 2.
C. Paragraph 3.
D. Paragraph 4.
E. Paragraph 5.

5. Why did the beggar return the purse to the beggar? Because of he ….

A. had counted the 100 pieces of gold
B. heard the merchant saying
C. wanted to get the reward
D. had opened the purse
E. was an honest man

6. Which of the following statement is true?

A. The beggar got 100 pieces of gold.
B. The purse contained 200 pieces of gold.
C. The merchant admitted losing 100 pieces of gold.
D. The beggar wanted to hide the purse in the marketplace.
E. The court couldn’t solve the problem between the beggar and the merchant.

7. Therefore, it couldn’t be the one you lost. (par.6). The underlined word refers to ….

A. the court
B. the purse
C. the beggar
D. the merchant
E. the 100 pieces gold

8. … he discovered that it contained 100 pieces of gold. (par.1) The underlined word means ….

A. funded
B. found
C. fixed
D. took
E. put

9. From the text, we know that ….

A. the beggar was very greedy
B. the purse belonged to the merchant
C. the merchant was a very good person
D. the court could solve the problem wisely
E. the court concluded the purse belonged to the merchant

10. What is the moral value of the passage?

A. Be a humble man.
B. Don’t beg to a mean person.
C. Deceiving makes more benefits.
D. Honesty brings more advantages.
E. Being a beggar is valuable for a living.

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