Dialog Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang tentang Procedure “How to Operate Chronograph Watch Megir 3406”

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Dear Readers,

Ada yang punya jam Chronograph?

PustakaBahasaInggris.com – Bacaan ini akan membatu kalian untuk mengoperasikan chronograph tersebut.

Bagaimana caranya?
Yuk, kita simak dialog di bawah ini!

Dialog Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang tentang Procedure "How to Operate Chronograph Watch Megir 3406"

Dialog Procedure 3 Orang “How to Operate Chronograph Watch Megir 3406”

Dialog Procedure

Situation: Jack has a new watch. But Jack has a problem. He cannot operate that watch because it has the chronograph. He needs help. Let’s check it out!

Jack: Howdy friends.

Dolph: Howdy Jack. What’s up?

Bob: Howdy Jack.

Jack: Guess what! I have a new watch.

Dolph: Let me see. Wow! that’s cool, Jack.

Bob: May I see it?

Dolph: Here you go.

Bob: Cool!

Jack: It’s from MEGIR by 3406 of series. Made in China. It’s brand new.

Bob: Chinese product is not bad. How many did you buy it?

Jack: It was not too expensive. It was just $ 40.

Bob: That was so cheap, Jack.

Jack: Yups. It was. It has the chronograph.

Bob: Yeah. I see it. How to make it works, Jack?

Jack: Eeeem… I don’t even know it.

Bob: What!

Jack: That is the problem, Bob. So I need your help, guys.

Bob: I’m so sorry, Jack. I can’t help you. I don’t have any idea because I don’t have a chronograph watch. Maybe you can ask Dolph.

Jack: Can you make it, Dolph?

Dolph: Let me check. What time is it?

Bob: 10 past 2.

Dolph: Your watch is not accurate, Jack. I’ll set it first. Here you go. Pay my attention.

Jack: Roger that.

Dolph: Here it is. If you want to set time. Pull the head out to unlock then pull the middle button at once to adjust the date. Is it clear?

Jack: Yup, I see.

Dolph: Then rotate left or right to adjust the date. Now, If you want to set the time. Pull that middle button twice and then you can adjust the time by rotating into left or right. How is it?

Jack: It’s clear. Now, How to operate the chronograph?

Dolph: That’s quite easy. First, you have to know about each function. At 3, it is used for 24 hours chronograph, distinguish day and night. It is automatic, it means that you can set it together by the time.

Jack: Alright, I get it. Then what else?

Dolph: At 6, it is used for the second chronograph. At 9, it is used for the minute chronograph. Now, let’s make it works. You can press the up button. It will start to work. See!

Jack: Yup, I see. And look at the minute chorograph. It works together.

Dolph: Yup. You’re right.

Jack: How to stop it?

Dolph: Press once again if you want to deactivate. It will be a pause. See, they are stopped.

Jack: And what is it for? I mean the down button.

Dolph: It is used to restart the second chronograph and the minute chronograph. See, they are back to the zero. 

Jack: Oke. Now, let me try it.

Dolph: That’s yours.

Jack: Thanks, Dolph.

Dolph: Anytime, pal!

Bob: Oke guys, that’s over now. Let’s go to canteen. I’m boring here.

Jack: Hahahaha…

Review Video Megir 3406

Oke guys, semoga dialog ini dapat membatu kalian mengoperasikan jam chrono ya 😀

Good Luck!

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