Expressing Admiration: Pengertian, Penggunaan, Rumus, Contoh Kalimat, Dialog

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Dear Readers,

Curhat sedikit ya sob,

Saya mengagumi seorang wanita karena kecantikan dan kebaikannya. Lalu dengan kalimat ini saya mengekspresikannya “What a beautiful girl she is!”

Jika kalian pernah mengagumi seseorang atau sesuatu dan ingin mengungkapkannya lewat Bahasa Inggris, saya akan memberikan informasinya di sini. – Artikel hari ini, saya akan memberikan kalian informasi tentang Expressing Admiration: Pengertian, Penggunaan, Rumus, Contoh Kalimat, dan Contoh Dialog.

Let’s check this out!

Expressing Admiration: Pengertian, Penggunaan, Rumus, Contoh Kalimat, dan Contoh Dialog

Expressing Admiration: Pengertian, Penggunaan, Rumus, Contoh Kalimat, Dialog
Expressing Admiration: Pengertian, Penggunaan, Rumus, Contoh Kalimat, Dialog

Pengertian Expressing Admiration

Situation: Last month Gina and her family went to West Sumatra by ship for the first time. She was really amazed.

Mother: Look at the ship!

Anita: Wow, that’s marvelous! What a big ship! It’s the biggest ship I’ve ever seen.

Tania: Look at the interior of the bus, Gina!

Anisa: Oh, what a comfortable bus it is! The fare must be expensive.

Perhatikan kalimat-kalimat yang bercetak tebal pada dialog di atas. Kalimat-kalimat tersebut merupakan contoh dari Expressing Admiration.

1. What a beautiful girl you are!
2. How expensive!
3. What a smart animal it is!
4. How big it is!
5. What a fast runner he is!

Perhatikan dengan seksama contoh kalimat di atas. Kalimat-kalimat tersebut bisa digunakan untuk mengungkapkan kekaguman (admiration). Untuk mengungkapkan kekaguman, bisa digunakan kalimat yang diawali dengan What atau How, yang artinya alangkah atau betapa.

Jadi apa sih yang dimaksud dengan Expressing Admiration?

Pengertian Expressing Admiration adalah sebuah ekspresi Bahasa Inggris yang digunakan untuk mengungkapkan rasa kagum terhadap seseorang atau sesuatu.

Rumus Expressing Admiration

Lalu sekarang silahkan pelajari Rumus di bawah ini untuk membuat kalimat Expressing Admiration.

Study the following patterns!

WHAT + a/an + adjective + noun (singular)!


  • What a big car!
  • What a beautiful girl she is!
  • What a smart animal it is!

WHAT + adjective + noun (plural)!


  • What big cars!
  • What small ships they are!
  • What fast runners they are!

HOW + Adjective!


  • How big!
  • How small!
  • How beautiful she is!

Dialog Expressing Admiration

Dialog 1

Sabrina: Look at this! I made a unique dress for my barbie.
Sabrina: Lihat ini! Saya membuat gaun unik untuk barbie saya.
Jane: Wow, what a unique dress it is!
Jane: Wow, betapa uniknya gaun itu!
Sabrina: Thank you. I made it by myself.
Sabrina: Terima kasih. Saya membuatnya sendiri.

Dialog 2

Luna: What’s that?
Luna: Apa itu?
Tom: You can read it if you want. There are some interesting articles in it. You can also see the picture of the historical place in Indonesia.
Tom: Anda bisa membacanya jika Anda mau. Ada beberapa artikel menarik di dalamnya. Anda juga dapat melihat gambar tempat bersejarah di Indonesia. 
Luna: Oh, lovely. How beautiful! I like it.
Luna: Oh, bagus. Sungguh cantik! Saya suka itu.
Tom: Oh you do?
Tom: Oh, benarkah?

Dialog 3

Mark: Hey, Ben! Let’s go to the beach!
Mark: Hei, Ben! Mari kita pergi ke pantai!
Ben: Great idea! But how can we get there?
Ben: Ide bagus! Tetapi bagaimana kita bisa sampai di sana?
Mark: We can go there on my new motorcycle. Look at this! Is it cool?
Mark: Kita bisa pergi ke sana dengan sepeda motor baru saya. Lihat ini! Apakah ini keren?
Ben: Terrific! What a cool motorcycle!
Ben: Hebat! Motor yang sangat keren!

Admiration Quotes

“He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.” ― Winston S. Churchill, Wealth, War, and Wisdom

“It may be important to great thinkers to examine the world, to explain and despise it. But I think it is only important to love the world, not to despise it, not for us to hate each other, but to be able to regard the world and ourselves and all beings with love, admiration and respect.” ― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

“Woman is not made to be the admiration of all, but the happiness of one.” ― Edmund Burke

“I don’t have to agree with you to like you or respect you.” ― Anthony Bourdain

“It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life.” ― Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

“There is an innocence in admiration: it occurs in one who has not yet realized that they might one day be admired.” ― Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

“You can’t, if you can’t feel it, if it never
Rises from the soul, and sways
The heart of every single hearer,
With deepest power, in simple ways.
You’ll sit forever, gluing things together,
Cooking up a stew from other’s scraps,
Blowing on a miserable fire,
Made from your heap of dying ash.
Let apes and children praise your art,
If their admiration’s to your taste,
But you’ll never speak from heart to heart,
Unless it rises up from your heart’s space.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust, First Part

“Have you ever felt the longing for someone you could admire? For something, not to look down at, but up to?” ― Ayn Rand

“Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me. I do not seek or conjecture either of them as if they were veiled obscurities or extravagances beyond the horizon of my vision; I see them before me and connect them immediately with the consciousness of my existence.” ― Immanuel Kant, Critique of Practical Reason

“Blessed is he who has learned to admire but not envy, to follow but not imitate, to praise but not flatter, and to lead but not manipulate.” ― William Arthur Ward

“He stepped down, avoiding any long look at her as one avoids long looks at the sun, but seeing her as one sees the sun, without looking.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

“When a man finds the woman he really loves, the one he respects and wants to call wife, there is nothing on earth he won’t do for her. No mountain he won’t hike. No river he won’t wade. No door he won’t open. She is Eve and there’s not a snake crawling that can keep them apart.” ― Yolanda Joe

“All children should be taught to unconditionally accept, approve, admire, appreciate, forgive, trust, and ultimately, love their own person.” ― Asa Don Brown

“The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

“Admiration for a quality or an art can be so strong that it deters us from striving to possess it.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

“ever since I met you I have admired you more than any girl…I have ever met since…I met you.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

“The first ingredient to being wrong is to claim that you are right. Geniuses have a knack for raising new questions. Hence by the public they are either admired for their creativity or, even more commonly so, detested for disturbing the daily peace of mind.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy

“She lacks the core of sureness, she craves admiration insatiably. She lives on reflections of herself in others’ eyes. She does not dare to be herself.” ― Anaïs Nin, Henry and June: From “A Journal of Love”–The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin

“He had all the attributes of a perfect man, and, in my opinion, no finer personality ever existed.” ― Thomas Edison

“When God takes out the trash, don’t go digging back through it. Trust Him.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Heart Crush

“she is admired from afar. These admirers court her in secret, in the safety of their dreams.” ― Whitney Otto, How to Make an American Quilt

“However, this sceptic had one fanaticism. This fanaticism was neither a dogma, nor an idea, nor an art, nor a science; it was a man: Enjolras. Grantaire admired, loved, and venerated Enjolras. To whom did this anarchical scoffer unite himself in this phalanx of absolute minds? To the most absolute. In what manner had Enjolras subjugated him? By his ideas? No. By his character. A phenomenon which is often observable. A sceptic who adheres to a believer is as simple as the law of complementary colors. That which we lack attracts us. No one loves the light like the blind man. The dwarf adores the drum-major. The toad always has his eyes fixed on heaven. Why? In order to watch the bird in its flight. Grantaire, in whom writhed doubt, loved to watch faith soar in Enjolras. He had need of Enjolras. That chaste, healthy, firm, upright, hard, candid nature charmed him, without his being clearly aware of it, and without the idea of explaining it to himself having occurred to him.” ― Victor Hugo

“She can feel his blood, just beneath his skin; when he breathes, the air fills with smoke. He’s like a dragon, ancient and fearless.” ― Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth

“I want to lay my kill at your feet.” ― Annette Curtis Klause, Blood and Chocolate

“Facebook gives people an illusory sense of being LIKED.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“When the suicide arrived at the sky, the people there asked him: “Why?” He replied: “Because no one admired me.” ― Stephen Crane, Complete Poems of Stephen Crane

“Robert G. Ingersoll was a great man. a wonderful intellect, a great soul of matchless courage, one of the great men of the earth — and yet we have no right to bow down to his memory simply because he was great. Great orators, great soldiers, great lawyers, often use their gifts for a most unholy cause. We meet to pay a tribute of love and respect to Robert G. Ingersoll because he used his matchless power for the good of man.” ― Clarence Darrow

“Songwriting and poetry are so commonly birthed from underdogs because one can make even the ugliest situations admirable, or more beautiful than the beautiful situations – they are the most graceful media in which the lines of society are distorted.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy

“You will meet many opponents in your time that will come face to face with your flaws, trust the chaos ~ pain & confusion is the pathway to break open and become free.” ― Nikki Rowe

“I don’t dislike them, nor do I like them. I’ve never understood why one must love children simply because they are children. I don’t love people because they are people; in fact, I rarely like any people at all. If a child is somehow deserving of admiration, I certainly won’t deny it, but why hand it out like candy on Queen’s Day?” ― Kiersten White, Illusions of Fate

Semoga artikel ini membantu kalian semua untuk mengungkapkan rasa kekaguman terhadap seseorang atau sesuatu dengan menggunakan Bahasa Inggris.

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