Contoh Procedure Text Panjang – How to make Huge Aquascape

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Apakah kalian menyukai ikan hias? – Pada artikel ini, kita tidak akan membahas tentang ikan hias 🙂 tetapi kita akan membahas tentang Aquascape.

Nah… Apa sih kak Aquascape itu?
Aquascape atau Aquascaping adalah kerajinan mengatur tanaman air, serta batu, batu, atau kayu apung, dengan cara estetis dalam akuarium — pada dasarnya, berkebun di bawah air. Desain Aquascape termasuk sejumlah gaya yang berbeda, termasuk gaya Belanda yang menyerupai taman dan gaya alam yang terinspirasi Jepang.

Ikan hias yang berada dalam Aquascape merupakan pemanis yang berarti ikan hias bukan hal yang terpenting dan untuk jenis ikan hias atau hewan yang berada di dalam Aquascape adalah jenis ikan atau hewan yang tidak merusak tanaman, kayu dan bebatuan yang ada pada Aquascape tersebut.

Lalu bagaimana membuat Aquascape?
Simak Contoh Procedure Text di bawah ini!

Huge Aquascape Tutorial Step by Step- Spontaneity by James Findley for The Green Machine

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang – How to make Huge Aquascape

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape
Contoh Procedure Text Panjang – How to make Huge Aquascape

Setup Specifications


  • TGM All Acrylic Aquarium 5ft x 5ft x 2.5 ft high (150cm x 150cm x 75cm high)
  • TGM Custom Stand


  • TGM Substrate Supports
  • ADA Powersand Special M
  • ADA Aquasoil Amazonia
  • ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Powder
  • ADA Tourmaline BC
  • ADA Clear Super
  • ADA Bacter 100


  • TGM Blue Stone
  • Redmoor Root Wood


  • Eheim 2080 Filter
  • ADA Bio Rio Filter Media x 3 Ltr
  • Sera Siporax Filter Media x 7 Ltr


  • Aqua Medic Titanium Heater


  • Aqua Medic 2 x Twin 150-watt Metal Halide


  • TGM Complete CO2 kit


  • ADA Pinsettes
  • ADA Moss Cotton


  • Rotala rotundifolia
  • Limnophila hippuroides
  • Fissidens fontanus
  • Rotala ‘Bonsai’
  • Eleocharis
  • Aponogeton madagascariensis
  • Alternanthera rosanervig
  • Alternanthera reineckii mini


  • Cardinal tetra
  • Botia sidthimunki
  • Various Corydoras
  • Siamese flying foxes
  • Amano shrimp

Procedure Text

How to make Huge Aquascape

Aquascapes are fine-art tropical fish tanks where the focus is on plants and natural décor, rather than fish. I’ll start with the empty aquarium- in this case, a huge 5ft x 5ft x 2.5ft acrylic tank.

The first stage is to add a base substrate layer which is made up of natural additives and nutrient-rich materials such as ADA Power Sand Special. This will provide the best environment for plant growth over a long period. I focus these materials on the areas to have most plant growth.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Next, I start to build height using lava rocks which are easy to position and also offer fantastic biological filtration due to their porous structure. If everything is placed on the bottom of the aquarium with only one height or level in the design the result can feel quite flat and lack in dynamics. So I often use contrasting high and low areas to make my layouts more dynamic.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Often when creating aquascapes, I spend time considering hardscape and plant placement before I begin, sometimes making sketches, or keeping the design in my mind. However, on this occasion, I titled this aquascape ‘Spontaneity’ because I didn’t pre-plan my design. Instead, I surrounded the aquarium with pieces of hardscape and selected each piece as I went along, forming the design moment-to-moment. There are no right or wrong methods for creating a layout design, but it can often be tricky for beginners to visualize how a grown in aquascape will look. With experience, however, one learns how various aquatic plant species grow and can keep this in mind when placing hardscape.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

A paintbrush is a useful tool when moving and positioning substrate materials. You can see three mounds of height forming at 3 of the corners, with one low area at the other corner. This low area will form a flat plane for carpeting plants. I like to add plenty of substrate additives at this stage in order to create the best possible environment for plant growth- making maintenance easier down the line. The top layer of the substrate is ADA Aqua Soil which can be used on its own but benefits from the extra additives and Power Sand beneath. When placing the first stone in a huge tank of this size can be a daunting moment!

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Now, some huge stones are carefully positioned in the layout- these will play a big part in the overall composition. The challenge of working with such a big aquarium can be seen here- the person physically positioning the stone is so close that it is hard for them to see how it affects the layout- so I direct from outside the tank. With smaller aquariums it is easier as the aquascaper can position a stone and then take a step back to observe the results, repeating until you are happy.

This super tank is a 360-degree design which can be viewed from all sides. This makes it particularly tricky for the designer, whose aim is to make it look interesting and aesthetically pleasing from all angles. At this stage I take my time with each piece of stone, making sure I am happy with its placement before I proceed to the next. Sometimes stones need to be adjusted, replaced or removed as new ones are added and the aesthetic changes.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

The TGM Blue Stone is angular with a lovely texture. It is quite easy to make it look like huge cliff faces- and it is perfect for aquascaping. It is also relatively inexpensive and so well suited to those on a budget. When creating a layout I prefer to only use one type of stone because the end result seems more natural… in natural stones of the same variety are mostly found together. I always advise other aquascapers to follow this rule if they desire a natural look. Minute changes in position can dramatically affect the look of the hardscape. One can use gut instinct to judge each adjustment, along with composition rules such as the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a ratio found in many places in nature which humans find satisfying or beautiful. Due to this effect people often subconsciously produce art using this ratio.

The term Iwagumi is commonplace in the aquascaping world. It is used to refer to an aquascape that traditionally uses stone as the only hardscape material. Iwagumi aquascapes are captivating and beautiful: they seem to have a mystical sense to them and an ability to delight people. The term Iwagumi was originally used to refer to a Japanese gardening style in which stones were used as the ‘bones’ of the garden, to provide its structure: if the stones are well placed in the garden then the rest of the garden lays itself out. Japanese gardens used stones, shrubs, and sand to represent landscapes in miniature, so they could show a mountainscape by using carefully placed stones or represent the ocean or a lake with a pool of raked or unraked sand. As the popularity of gardening led to the emergence of underwater gardening, which we now know as aquascaping, the tradition of Iwagumi naturally inspired and influenced aquascapers.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

ADA Aqua Soil is used as the top substrate layer- it is a complete substrate which may be used on its own or with a base layer. Aqua Soil provides the best conditions for aquatic plant growth. It is moved into position using a paintbrush and smoothed out, ready for planting. Here, I deviate from a true Iwagumi layout by adding some Redmoor Root Wood.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Now that the hardscape is in position, I add many TGM Substrate Supports which is my method for preventing substrate sliding to the lower areas of the layout over time. They keep the substrate fixed in the desired position and prevent much frustration for the aquascaper later on. TGM Substrate Supports have a small surface area on top, so can easily be concealed by substrate and plant growth. Also, they will not compromise on the area to be planted.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

The hardscape is now complete.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

After a couple of weeks cycling the filter, planting can commence. By letting the filter run for some time, approximately 3 weeks without plants with large weekly water changes, biological filtration develops and any imbalances in water biology and chemistry caused by substrate or hardscape will be eliminated. After this period the conditions will be ideal for aquatic plants.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

I have tied moss onto the wood using ADA Moss Cotton. This will grow to cover the wood with a naturally aged look. It takes some time to prepare a large number of plants required for this huge layout. The first plant to be added is a carpeting variety which will grow across the substrate area. Small plugs of this plant are placed across the desired areas using aquascaping pinsettes which are an essential tool for this job. Eventually, these areas of plugs should grow into full ‘carpets’ with no gaps.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Here you can see I use my ADA Pinsettes of choice to plant a large section which will eventually grow into a lush carpet. It is recommended to plant as heavily as possible at the start, as this will give the layout a better chance of success, and have the advantage of looking mature sooner.

An aquarium of this size takes a lot more materials, effort and skill to set up successfully than a smaller home aquarium. I have the help of his aquascaping team for this process. Different plants require different planting techniques. For some, it is easy to plant by hand, while most are more easily planted with pinsetters.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Tall plants are positioned in certain areas to give height to the plant growth within the design. Notice how plants are carefully separated from larger clumps before planting.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Small metal grills with Fissidens Fontanus moss growing on them are used to encourage moss to grow across key locations in the layout. They might look unsightly at first, but after some time they should be covered by the moss growth, creating the desired natural aesthetic. Moss can give an aquascape a much more aged feel. See how they sink and are easy to position on the stones.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Once planting is complete the aquarium is filled with water. Reverse Osmosis filtered water is remineralized by The Green Machine staff to a gH of 4.0 and a kH of 4.0. This gives the maintenance team total control over water carbonate and general hardness. R.O. water may also be mixed with tap water to varying degrees to obtain more favorable water parameters.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Now you can see the completed hardscape and plant together. The bright blue-gray of the TGM Blue Stone is clear to see under the brilliant halide lights. The large pieces tower above the low lying planted areas. The ever-changing substrate height around the layout results in a dynamic and interesting composition which is different from all angles. It is easy to see the areas of different plant species at this stage.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

I have changed the wood, selecting a smaller more minimal piece and covering it with moss. The wood has been temporarily weighted down with a stone. Eventually, this stone will be removed and the wood will sink and stay in position by itself.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

Now you can see the mature aquascape. Healthy green foliage reaches right to the water surface at points. In contrast, there are also low lying green field-like carpets. Plant growth is dense and completely fills the areas where the substrate was positioned. The plants are flourishing in the nutrient-rich ADA Substrate which is optimized for plant roots. The TGM Blue Stone has been softened somewhat by mosses and algae, giving a more aged look. Small areas of deep red plants break up the mostly green composition resulting in a satisfying contrast. Many bubbles of oxygen rise in streams from the plants- a result of ongoing photosynthesis. This oxygen diffuses into the water and is used by the fish.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

This is a successful project- a slice of nature has been created- it is balanced, harmonious and beautiful. This is a contained ecosystem- a complex network of natural processes which rely on each other. Through science and art, the aquascaper can create a truly stunning design. Planted tanks like this are ever changing as they grow and evolve over time. This makes them very interesting and satisfying when featured in one’s home or workplace.

Contoh Procedure Text Panjang - How to make Huge Aquascape

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