Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant – Mama Makan Amsterdam

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Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant – Mama Makan Amsterdam

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant - Mama Makan Amsterdam
Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant – Mama Makan Amsterdam

Interior Design: Concrete
Project: Mama Makan Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Aedes real estate / Hyatt
The year: 2017
Photographer: Wouter van der Sar

Descriptive Text

Mama Makan Amsterdam

Mama Makan is a contemporary Dutch-Indonesian Grand Café that flawlessly coordinates with the inn campaign, interfacing explorers with the nearby inhabitants and the noteworthy setting of the area. Mama Makan is propelled by the voyages on the antiquated exchanging courses. The eatery is situated in the customary ‘Plantage’ quarter related to its legacy in Dutch exchanging and accumulation, particularly by watercraft, in the Far East.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant - Mama Makan Amsterdam

The Restaurant

In Mama Makan, concrete made a cutting-edge understanding of a Dutch-Indonesian Grand bistro, roused by the trips on the old exchanging courses. A metal confine like bureau wrapped around the center shrouds the structure of the building. The enclosure hovers around the center, with a solid edged palm design as a scenery, sorting out the eatery, bar and hall regions. This enclosure suits every single fundamental capacity, for example, the eatery bar, culinary expert’s tables, private eating, wine ice chests, closet, benefit stations, and the open show kitchen. Furthermore run of the mill Asian cooking gear and herbs gathered amid the Dutch voyages can be found. Moving outwards towards the glass veneer, the eatery highlights different seating regions. Settled banquettes make littler comfortable brasserie-like zones with free adaptable furniture. Three notorious substantial roundtables, or ‘Sluggish Susans’, with turning communities for serving customary ‘Indonesian rijsttafels’, are the prime element toward one side of the space. The show kitchen, as a volume, has been removed of the center and is clad in green tiles reminiscent of the green patterns as found in the engineering of the building (passageway and yard voids). The light that gets through the huge glass exteriors along three sides is sifted by collapsed paper shades in different sizes that can be modified in stature.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant - Mama Makan Amsterdam

The shades work as a diffuser amongst all around and give the eatery a layered shell of shadow play. More closeness in the seating territories is made by presenting a moment roof of light, alluding to Asian sky lamps, comprising of around 200 paper lamps ‘drifting’ over the tables.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant - Mama Makan Amsterdam

The lobby

The confine proceeds flawlessly into the gathering of the lodging hall, with an onyx marble front work area as the eye-catcher. Islands of various couch situations on delicate carpets make a family room feeling, where visitors can unwind and get together. The fundamental passage is emphasized by brilliant wok grower suspended in the twofold stature entrance void. A living green divider with tropical plants interfaces the passage to the porch in the back, obscuring the qualification amongst all around. The floor of solid tiles is done in a herringbone design that later converges into a wooden herringbone parquet that proceeds into the yard. The long common table before the green divider traverses over the hall’s full profundity giving easygoing workspaces to visitors for the duration of the day. Neighboring the front counter, the enclosure additionally obliges a 24-hour showcase, with a few shows that offer breakfast to-go, sandwiches, and snacks.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant - Mama Makan Amsterdam

The bar

Much the same as the eatery’s show kitchen, the bar is removed from the inside center (with the solid palm design). Furthermore, the entryway bar cuts into that same volume making a lower, shrouded relax concealed far from the immediate observable pathway. A low dark calfskin love seat outlines the cut-out along the back divider. Like all breaks in Mama Makan, the divider has a green complete with a palm-design backdrop in dim green tones. The low dark mirror roof underscores the comfortable climate by making dim reflections. The open bit of the bar zone looks like a free standing dark common stone piece highlighting the espresso machine, while whatever is left of the bar is white marble. All through the whole bar zone, the wooden herringbone parquet is reflected along the roof, grasping the bar between wooden completions to make a solid scenery.

The meeting rooms

Two twofold collapsing entryways interface from the anteroom to the pre-work region. On the correct side towards the road, a tribune connects the tallness contrast between the floor and the high memorable window ledges of the old safeguarded veneer. Towards the dance floor, a long bar piece extends between the two fundamental entryways of the dance floor. The whole mirror-clad back mass of the bar can be opened amid break-out situations to associate the dance hall and pre-work territory into one expansive occasion space. In addition, two littler connectable gathering rooms with video conferencing setup highlighting unbiased dim and blue tones can be found in the back. The third and last gathering room is the library room which has been completely acknowledged in dark wood with a metal book rack and brilliant velvet divider renovating.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant - Mama Makan Amsterdam

The Character

Mama Makan is a Grand Café that recounts a story motivated by its cause with a personality in view of lovely disclosures amid the adventures on the old exchanging courses. Propelled by the Indonesian culture and conventions, we made a dynamic logo which alludes to batik designs: a rich, centuries-old part of Indonesian culture. All the Mama Makan letters of the logo are consolidated to make a dynamic iconography which is likewise utilized as an example. The shading palette alludes to a green wild, including a courageous blend of wilderness green and stone dim. A brilliant touch is added to build up a lavish and contemporary eatery encounter.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Restaurant - Mama Makan Amsterdam

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