Perbedaan Penggunaan Rise dan Raise dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap dengan Contoh Kalimat

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Dear Readers,

Apakah kalian sudah mengetahui apa perbedaan dari kata Rise dan Raise?
Kedua kata ini memiliki arti yang sama yaitu “naik”, namun fungsi kedua kata tersebut tentu saja berbeda. – Artikel hari ini, saya aka memberikan kalian contoh Perbedaan Penggunaan Rise dan Raise dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap dengan Contoh Kalimat. Temukan materi Bahasa Inggris terkait contoh dialog di bawah ini!

Perbedaan Penggunaan Rise dan Raise dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap dengan Contoh Kalimat

Perbedaan Penggunaan Rise dan Raise dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap dengan Contoh Kalimat
Perbedaan Penggunaan Rise dan Raise dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap dengan Contoh Kalimat

Perbedaan Penggunaan Rise dan Raise

Kata kerja  “Rise” dan “Raise”  keduanya mengacu pada sesuatu yang “up/ naik”. Perbedaan utama di antara mereka adalah bahwa “Rise” adalah intransitif (tidak ada objek langsung) dan “Raise” bersifat transitif (harus memiliki objek langsung).


  • Rise is irregular: rise, rose, risen
  • Raise is regular: raise, raised, raised


Rise merupakan kata kerja tidak beraturan (Irregular verb) dan tidak membutuhkan objek, dengan perubahan kata sebagai berikut: rise, rose, risen.

Kata “Rise” menjelaskan tentang sesuatu yang bergerak sendiri ke level yang lebih tinggi tanpa ada dorongan atau bantuan dari luar.

Perhatikan Contoh Kalimat di bawah ini:

  • I like to rise at 6 am, but my husband stays in bed until 8 am.
    Saya suka bangun jam 6 pagi, tetapi suami saya tetap di tempat tidur sampai jam 8 pagi.
  • If it doesn’t stop raining, the river will rise and overflow.
    Jika tidak berhenti hujan, sungai akan naik dan meluap.
  • Hot air rises.
    Udara panas naik.
  • Jim rose from his chair when Mary walked in.
    Jim bangkit dari kursinya ketika Mary masuk.
  • Mark has risen in her company very quickly and is now CEO.
    Mark telah meningkat di perusahaannya dengan sangat cepat dan sekarang menjadi CEO.
  • Prices are rising all the time.
    Harga meningkat sepanjang waktu.
Rise Sentence Examples

1. She started to rise from her chair.

2. Lisa started to rise from her chair, but Giddon was faster.

3. He started to rise from his chair.

4. She breathed out fog, watching it rise to the dark grey skies.

5. Because human ability is distributed unevenly and technology multiplies ability of the talented, the spread between the rich and poor will rise more and more.

6. Taxes will rise, and social programs will grow.

7. Pierre looked over his spectacles with naive surprise, now at him and now at her, moved as if about to rise too, but changed his mind.

8. Memories of the massacre made bile rise and her chest clench.

9. She started to rise but her son tugged her down, indicating he wanted to remain.

10. But over time, as incomes around the world rise, people will migrate more and more to products associated with social practices that match their own ideas.

11. My thoughts would often rise and beat up like birds against the wind, and I persisted in using my lips and voice.

12. She struggled to rise and Alex helped her to her feet.

13. The vision disappeared in a moment after someone stepped in front of Dean and helped him steady his legs and rise to his feet.

14. Now, suppose I am right and incomes effectively rise dramatically.

15. This is not to say that if another Pearl Harbor or another 9/11 occurred, people in any country wouldn’t rise to the occasion and make great sacrifices if needed.

16. The decline of military alliances and the rise of economic ones.

17. Who would not be early to rise, and rise earlier and earlier every successive day of his life, till he became unspeakably healthy, wealthy, and wise?

18. Shocked and horrified, she scrambled to rise from the floor.

19.  The flasks were then well shaken, and the yeast cell or cells settled to the bottom and gave rise to a separate yeast speck.

20. Two medieval castles rise above the town, and there are some churches of interest.

21. Rise free from care before the dawn, and seek adventures.

22. If any dreams disturbed his much-needed slumber, he had no recollection of them when Fred tapped on his door telling him to rise and shine.

23. She started to rise but a serious look crossed her face.

24. The terrified wolf pressed back her ears and tried to rise, but the borzois stuck to her.

25. He felt the rise and fall of each breath and was inches from the slightly parted full lips just begging for a kiss.

26. As they strolled along, Ryland discussed the recent rise of interest in the sport.

27. As the group trudged up a small rise in the road, the awesome creations of the ice park came into view.

28. The headstreams of the Bakhoy rise between 11° 30′ and 12° N.

29. The rise of public opinion as for the most powerful political force in the world.

30. The princess wished to rise, but the prince held her by the hand.

31. Rook tried to rise on his forelegs but fell back, pinning his rider’s leg.

32. It was all that they could do to get the guns up the rise aided by the infantry and having reached the village of Gruntersdorf they halted.

33. The count was the first to rise, and with a loud sigh crossed himself before the icon.

34. She recognized tips came in all over the country; giving rise to her feeling there might be many different tipsters.

35. Maybe I’ll get a room in a high rise hotel, away from street noise.

36. The house sits on a slight rise, at the end of a long driveway and I had never visited at night.

37. As I tried to rise to my knees I was grabbed from behind and once again, I felt a knife at my throat!

38. There was no need for the high-rise quiet Quinn and Howie had required as we were no longer conducting sessions.

39. With the rise of her anger came another emotion: gratitude for finding Jule, the one man who had accepted her.

40. Your brother will never be what he was, but he will rise again as the Grey God.

41. It was dark by the time the cab dropped her off in front of the high rise where she shared an apartment with Logan.

42. A touch of coldness made the hair on the back of her neck rise, and she sat up, fearful Kris or Sasha had come for her.

43. Astonished, she leaned back and watched it rise, thick and plush, to a height of several inches.

44. At first, she said nothing but when he tried to rise, she grabbed his wrist and held it, her long nails cutting into his flesh.

45. The news that no one had survived the strikes on her condo building made tears rise for a different reason.

46. Vinnie started to rise but Winston bounced him back down on the bed.

47. He felt the familiar sense of desire rise just looking at her plump lips and bright blue eyes.

48. You can’t lie, and I can tell when you’re trying to get a rise out of me.

49. She started to rise and he motioned her to remain seated.

50 His rise was rapid.

51. The climate becomes more continental in type from west to east and not to rise from it till 5 A.M.

52. She felt tears rise at his soft words.

53. I had let so much gas out of my balloon that I could not rise again, and in a few minutes the earth closed over my head.

54. The overall economic output of the planet, GWP (gross world product), will rise dramatically in the years to come, but its distribution will be quite skewed.

55. An exception worth noting is that the poor who get better products at cheaper prices will see their wealth rise accordingly.

56. I think that incomes will rise dramatically to many times what they presently are, in real dollars.

57. Kiera felt her ire rise at the blatant appraisal.

58. Josh wasn’t as fast to rise this time, and when he finally regained his footing, he shook his head.

59. She started to rise but Fred O’Connor rose to his feet.

60. The anatomical construction of these plants presents many peculiarities which have given rise to a discussion as to the allocation of the order among the dicotyledons or among the monocotyledons, the general balance of opinion being in favor of the former view.

Rise Quotes
  • Abraham Lincoln | The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself every way he can, never suspecting that anybody wishes to hinder him. — Letter to William H Herndon (10 July 1848).
  • Coventry Patmore | The moods of love are like the wind, and none knows whence or why they rise.The Angel in the House, “Sarum Plain”.
  • Alan Greenspan | A decline in the national housing price level would need to be substantial to trigger a significant rise in foreclosures because the vast majority of homeowners have built up substantial equity in their homes despite large mortgage-market financed withdrawals of home equity in recent years. — July 2005, in testimony to the House Financial Services Committee.
  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah | The exploits of your leaders in many a historic field of battle; the progress of your Revolution; the rise and career of the great Ataturk, his revitalization of your nation by his great statesmanship, courage, and foresight all these stirring events are well-known to the people of Pakistan. — Reply to the speech made by the first Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan at the time of presenting Credentials to the Quaid-i-Azam (4 March 1948)
  • Malcolm Lowry | I wake to a darkness in which I must follow myself endlessly, hating the I who so eternally pursues and confronts me. If we could rise from our misery, seek each other once more, and find again the solace of each other’s lips and eyes. — Ch. XII (p. 346)
  • Alexander Pope | Where are you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade, Trees, where you sit, shall crowd into a shade: Where are you tread, the blushing flowers shall rise, And all things flourish where you turn your eyes. — Pastorals, “Summer”, l. 73-6 (1709).
  • James Thomson | Rocks rich in gems, and Mountains big with mines, That on the high Equator, ridgy, rise, Whence many a bursting Stream auriferous plays. — James Thomson, The Seasons, Summer (1727), line 646
  • Ani Difranco | And God help you if you are a phoenix, and you dare to rise up from the ash. A thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy, while you’re just flying past. — 32 Flavors
  • Joseph Goebbels | The night is my best friend. It calms the storm in my soul and it lets the guiding stars rise.Die Nacht ist meine beste Freundin. Sie glättet den Sturm in der Seele und lässt die weisenden Sterne aufgehen.
  • Bruce Springsteen | Hell’s brewin’ dark sun’s on the rise. This storm will blow through by and by House is on fire, Viper’s in the grass A little revenge and this too shall pass. — “Lonesome Day”


Sedangkan kata “Raise” adalah kata kerja yang berarti mengangkat atau menaikkan sesuatu dengan bantuan atau dorongan dari luar. Dalam kata kerja ini, tentu saja diperlukan sebuah objek.

Raise merupakan kata kerja beraturan (regular verb), dengan perubahan kata sebagai berikut: raise, raised, raised.

Perhatikan Contoh Kalimat di bawah ini:

  • The government plans to raise the age of retirement from 65 to 67.
    Pemerintah berencana menaikkan usia pensiun dari 65 menjadi 67.
  • If you have a question, please raise your hand.
    Jika ada pertanyaan, tolong angkat tangan.
  • Mary raises her voice when she’s angry.
    Mary mengangkat suaranya ketika dia marah.
  • He raised his eyebrows as if surprised.
    Dia mengangkat alisnya seolah terkejut.
  • They have raised their prices every year since they were founded.
    Mereka menaikkan harga mereka setiap tahun sejak didirikan.
  • The king’s men were raising the drawbridge when it collapsed.
    Orang-orang raja sedang menaikkan jembatan ketika roboh.
Raise Sentence Examples

1. I can raise the baby.

2. It looks like a fine place to raise children.

3. They’re into the arts, and charities to raise money for our war.

4. A major success helped raise our spirits.

5. I would raise Elisabeth’s child.

6. “It looks like she wants to raise a family too,” Alex said from the doorway.

7. He laughed, the rumble of his chest causing her to raise her head.

8. Does eating eggs raise a person’s cholesterol?

9. We raise children to play with war toys.

10. I don’t always agree with his views on how to raise children either, but we don’t contest each other in front of the children.

11. Are you saying you would raise another man’s child?

12. Jackson continued to scream Elisabeth’s name with abject terror as she struggled to raise her head.

13. Anyway, I always figured I’d raise my children on this place.

14. I don’t want to raise an only child.

15. Alex had lost his parents and had to quit college to raise his little sister.

16. Dean sipped the hot coffee, thankful Fred didn’t raise any questions about Betty from Boise.

17. There was enough room for her to raise her arms but not sit, and she leaned against the uncomfortable wall, gazing at the world spinning outside her pod.

18. I just thought you must have had a rough time trying to raise her.

19. I wouldn’t want to raise anybody else’s children, would you?

20. Morino wanted us to take Alfonso but my father wanted to raise him.

21. But why should I raise them?

22. Though I could hardly raise my arms above my aching side, I kept working.

23. I don’t suppose you will find a need to raise him or Kris as you did me.

24. A familiar shape in the dark corner of the cafeteria caught his attention as he passed, and he paused to raise a hand in greeting.

25. She stiffened briefly as she realized what had happened, but before she could even raise a hand to resist; his venom had produced a surge of euphoria.

26. She had always loved Sirian as an uncle, a man who helped raise her.

27. That was why he wanted me to raise Alfonso.

28. Orders were given to raise recruits, ten men in every thousand for the regular army, and besides this, nine men in every thousand for the militia.

29. He sighed and pressed on the bench with both hands to raise himself.

30. I raise fervent prayers to Heaven that the Almighty may exalt the race of the just, and mercifully fulfill the desires of Your Majesty.

31. It’s a wonder we didn’t raise our arms in surrender.

32. I’m tired of traveling and,” she smiled at me and added, “I want a baby and a place to raise her.”

33. Unlatching the window, I tried desperately to raise it!

34. There was a serious accident last night and the sheriff’s deputy was unable to raise help when she called from the mountains.

35. I know she tried unsuccessfully to raise him on the radio when she first got the call about the wreck.

36. With the power of Hell behind him, Darkyn could raise an Army of Souls to wipe out the mortal realm.

37. She couldn’t raise a kid in a place of demons and psychos!

38. “We’d like to start afresh, preferably in the place we intend to raise half a dozen unruly kids,” he said.

39. Dean knew the old man was itching to raise the more important topic of Jerome Shipton’s death.

40. He tried to turn and raise himself to a sitting position while pushing her away, but she held back his arm in a strong grip and locked a crooked arm about his neck.

41. Any time anyone tries to raise the subject to Donnie, he just turns away and acts as if he didn’t hear the question.

42. He told her he did not raise her to marry small.

43. It is his wish that his brother raises Alfonso.

44. My father would know better than to raise any objections about my choice in a partner for life.

45. And if I can’t eat the piglets you may as well plant me at once and raise catsup.

46. So let’s raise the bar to this lofty level.

47. Tomorrow, you get a thirtyfold raise and are now making a million dollars a year.

48. I abhor the conditions under which we commercially raise farm animals today.

49. To raise a child to adulthood requires your heart, energy, time, and wealth.

50. She wanted him brought to Boston, and when she was told that money would be needed to get him a teacher, she answered, “We will raise it.”

51. One farmer said that it was “good for nothing but to raise cheeping squirrels on.”

52. At length, you slowly raise, pulling hand over hand, some horned pout squeaking and squirming to the upper air.

53. As if you were to raise your potatoes in the churchyard!

54. You must hire or squat somewhere, and raise but a small crop, and eat that soon.

55. Because when I got the call that said a car had gone over, I couldn’t raise him.

56. The clerk didn’t raise her eyes from her desk.

57. No way I’d get any of these poor slobs a raise if I were really honest.

58. The city had struggled through the drabness of poverty and joblessness in an effort to raise itself from the ashes of long-dead industries.

59. Then he was showing her how to raise the weed whip and let it fall.

60. He’d never tried to raise her as a true daughter.

Raise Quotes
  • Wendy Cope | Christmas, here again. Let us raise a loving cup. Peace on earth, goodwill to men, and make them do the washing up. — The English don’t raise their voices, Arthur, although they may have other vulgarities.
  • Sir Walter Raleigh | Even such is time, which takes in trust Our youth, our joys, and all we have, And pays us but with age and dust, Who in the dark and silent grave When we have wandered all our ways Shuts up the story of our days, And from which earth, and grave, and dust The Lord shall raise me up, I trust. — 1618 ‘TheAuthor’s Epitaph, Made by Himself’. A poem was written the night before his death.
  • David Ricardo | If a tax on malt would raise the price of beer, a tax on bread must raise the price of bread. — Chapter XVII, Taxes on Other Commodities, p. 168
  • David Ricardo | But a tax on luxuries would no other effect than to raise their price. It would fall wholly on the consumer and could neither increase wages nor lower profits. — Chapter XVII, Taxes on Other Commodities, p. 161 
  • Robert Nozick | Individuals have rights and there are things no person or group may do to them (without violating their rights). So strong and far-reaching are these rights that they raise the question of what, if anything, the state and its officials may do. How much room do individual rights leave for the state? — Preface, p. ix
  • Rabindranath Tagore | We do not stray out of all words into the ever silent; We do not raise our hands to the void for things beyond hope. — 16
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow | Sculpture is more than painting. It is greater To raise the dead to life than to create Phantoms that seem to live. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Michael Angelo, Part III. 5.
  • Alexander Pope | To dazzle let the vain design, To raise the thought and touch the heart, be thine! — Alexander Pope, Moral Essays (1731-35), Epistle II, line 249.


Jika sesuatu naik dengan sendirinya, maka gunakanlah kata “Rise”, namun jika sesuatu naik karena sesuatu yang lain, seperti disebabkan oleh bantuan ataupun dorongan dari luar, maka gunakanlah kata “Raise”.

For instance:

Rise (irregular verb)

  • The sun rises in the morning
  • He rises at 6:00 a.m. every morning.

Pada contoh kalimat di atas, setelah kata rises tidak diikuti oleh kata benda (noun), dan menjelaskan sesuatu yang naik dengan sendirinya tanpa bantuan ataupun dorongan dari luar.

Raise (regular verb)

  • My employer raised my salary.
  • Please raise your hand if you have any question.

Sedangkan pada kata raise selalu diikuti oleh kata benda (noun). Perhatikan contoh kalimat di atas, dijelaskan bahwa sesuatu yang naik terjadi akibat bantuan ataupun dorongan dari luar.