Teks Bahasa Inggris Tentang MUSIK “Jazz” Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru

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Musik adalah suara yang disusun demikian rupa sehingga mengandung irama, lagu, nada, dan keharmonisan terutama dari suara yang dihasilkan dari alat-alat yang dapat menghasilkan irama. Walaupun musik adalah sejenis fenomena intuisi, untuk mencipta, memperbaiki dan mempersembahkannya adalah suatu bentuk seni. Mendengar musik adalah sejenis hiburan. Musik adalah sebuah fenomena yang sangat unik yang bisa dihasilkan oleh beberapa alat musik.

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Teks Bahasa Inggris Tentang MUSIK “Jazz” Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru

Teks Bahasa Inggris Tentang MUSIK "Jazz" Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru
Teks Bahasa Inggris Tentang MUSIK “Jazz” Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru

The Age of Jazz

In the early decades of the 20th-century jazz was the name that was given to music played by African Americans. It was a kind of folk music that black people played for entertainment. Today jazz is performed all over the world and it has also influenced other kinds of music.

The features of jazz are its sound and rhythms. Jazz is improvised music that shows strong emotions and feelings. Typical jazz instruments are the trumpet, trombone, saxophone and clarinet.

Beginnings of Jazz

The first jazz was played in the early 20th century. Jazz musicians were inspired by ragtime and blues which also evolved at the beginning of the century.

Ragtime was a musical style that came from St.Louis. It was played mostly on the piano and quickly became popular with orchestras. A blues was originally a sad song, a ballad that was sung slowly and accompanied by a piano or guitar. Some people say that blues were songs that the slaves sung.

New Orleans Jazz

The birthplace of jazz is in New Orleans. In the early 1900s people of many cultures lived in the city: French, Spanish and African-Americans. The music was a mixture of blues, black spirituals and rhythms from the Caribbean.

The typical jazz band was made up of one or two cornet players, a clarinet and a trombone player. Sometimes there were pianos, banjos, tubas and drums to accompany the horns.

New Orleans jazz became later known as Dixieland. As time went on jazz travelled up the Mississippi to Chicago and then to New York City.

Big band jazz emerged as the bands became larger and had more instruments. There were three parts of a big band: brass instruments with trumpets and trombones, reeds with saxophones and clarinets and rhythm instruments (piano, guitar, double bass and drums)

Famous bandleaders were Fletcher Henderson and Benny Goodman. Big band jazz was smoother with lighter rhythms. Most of the bands had famous soloists like Louis Armstrong, the most famous musician of that time.


The 1930s and the 1940s were called the swing era. Music was free and relaxed during this period. The start of radio made jazz well-known all over America. Some of the most popular bands of the country were led by Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller, who was probably the most successful of all.

Maybe the greatest big band of all times was led by pianist and composer Duke Ellington. He wrote over 1000 works. His best-known songs are “Sophisticated Lady” and Mood Indigo”.


The next major jazz style was bebop which lasted until about 1960. It was played in smaller groups and hardly in big bands.

Bebop musicians improvised not so much the melody as the jazz musicians before, but the tune’s chords. Many bebop pieces were also played very quickly. Centre of bebop was Kansas City, where the greatest bebop musician, Charlie Parker, grew up.

At the same time as bebop came up in the Midwest hard bop emerged in the eastern cities. It was strong and full of energy and stressed the African American sound. The electric organ became a popular instrument and Miles Davis was one of the most famous beboppers of that time.

In the 1960s musicians started to look for other ways to improvise jazz. John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman became the greatest performers of free jazz, as it was called.

Today jazz is played all over the world, in concert halls as well as in dark night clubs. Many of the world’s famous jazz festivals take place in Europe and Japan.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was America’s greatest jazz musician. He was born in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. His father left the family shortly after Louis was born so the boy had to spend his early years living with his grandmother.

Louis loved all kinds of music. He bought an old cornet and learned how to play. When he was in third grade he dropped out of school and started singing on the streets to get money for his family.

Louis spent his teenage years selling newspapers and unloading bananas from boats. In his free time, he listened to the famous bands of that time. Later on, he started performing on steamboats and during this period he learned how to read music and play classical pieces on the cornet.

In 1922 Louis started playing in a band in Chicago and later on moved to New York, where he played in one of the city’s most famous bands. No one else could play as he could. He hit the highest notes easily and played great solos.

After a few years in New York, he went back to Chicago where he made his first recordings. Here he started playing the trumpet. During one of the recordings, Louis dropped his text on the floor. The producer told him to keep on singing so Louis improvised and sung syllables that had no meaning. This became known as “scat singing”. Soon many other jazz musicians tried to copy this style of singing.

His records made him famous and when he moved back to New York in 1929 bandleaders all over the city wanted to have Louis in their orchestras. He not only recorded music but also performed on Broadway and played in movies. Louis Armstrong was a singer, dancer and master of the trumpet. He travelled all over the world and made people happy through his music.

Daftar Kosa Kata (Vocabularies)

  • accompany = to play a musical instrument while someone else sings a song
  • ballad = a slow love song
  • bandleader = someone who leads a band
  • banjo = an instrument like a guitar that is played in country music
  • birthplace = a place where something first started
  • brass instruments = instruments like trumpets, horns etc..
  • century = a hundred years
  • chord = notes that are played at the same time and sound nice
  • composer = someone who writes music
  • cornet = a small trumpet
  • decade = ten years
  • double bass = a large instrument that looks like a violin that musicians play standing up
  • drop out = to leave
  • drums =a musical instrument that you hit with your hand or a stick
  • emerge = to come up
  • emotion =feeling
  • entertainment =you perform music or a play that people listen to or watch
  • evolve = to grow slowly
  • feature =characteristic, quality
  • folk music = music that has been played by normal people for a long time
  • hardly = not very often
  • improvise = if you don’t prepare anything, you just invent musical sounds
  • influence =to have an effect on
  • inspire =here: to get ideas or motivation from
  • made up =consist of
  • meaning =sense, value
  • Midwest = the middle part of the United States
  • mixture = when two or more different things come together
  • musician = a person who plays music
  • note = a musical sound
  • perform = to do something to entertain people; to act a play or play music
  • pieces = songs
  • popular = if a lot of people like something
  • producer = someone who controls the recording
  • ragtime = a type of music that was popular in America in the early part of the 20th century
  • record = a round flat piece of plastic with a hole in the middle. Many years ago they were used to save music but today people have music on CDs
  • recording = if you save music on a CD or tape
  • reed = a thin piece of wood on an instrument. You blow into it and it makes a sound
  • relaxed =calm, stress-free
  • rhythm =beat
  • slave = someone who is owned by another person and works for them for no money
  • smooth = soft and nice to listen to
  • spiritual = a religious song is sung by African Americans
  • steamboat = a boat that uses steam for power and sails along rivers
  • stress =to make important
  • successful =to be very good at something
  • syllable = a small part of a word
  • teenage = age between thirteen and nineteen
  • trombone = a metal instrument that you play by blowing into it and you pull a part of it in and out to change the notes
  • tuba = a large instrument that looks like a curved tube; it produces very low sounds when you blow into it
  • tune = same as “melody”
  • unload = to take something off a ship, truck or train
  • well-known = a lot of people know about something
  • works = pieces of music


Zaman Jazz

Pada dekade awal jazz abad ke-20 adalah nama yang diberikan untuk musik yang dimainkan oleh orang Amerika-Afrika. Itu adalah jenis musik rakyat yang dimainkan orang kulit hitam untuk hiburan. Hari ini jazz dilakukan di seluruh dunia dan juga telah mempengaruhi jenis musik lainnya.

Fitur jazz adalah suaranya dan irama. Jazz adalah musik improvisasi yang menunjukkan emosi dan perasaan yang kuat. Instrumen jazz yang khas adalah trompet, trombon, saksofon, dan klarinet.

Permulaan Jazz

Jazz pertama dimainkan pada awal abad ke-20. Musisi jazz terinspirasi oleh ragtime dan blues yang juga berkembang pada awal abad ini.

Ragtime adalah gaya musik yang berasal dari St.Louis. Itu dimainkan sebagian besar di piano dan dengan cepat menjadi populer dengan orkestra. Awalnya blues adalah lagu sedih, sebuah balada yang dinyanyikan perlahan dan diiringi piano atau gitar. Beberapa orang mengatakan bahwa blues adalah lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh para budak. New Orleans Jazz Tempat kelahiran jazz adalah di New Orleans. Pada awal 1900-an orang-orang dari berbagai budaya tinggal di kota: Prancis, Spanyol, dan Afrika-Amerika. Musiknya adalah campuran blues, spiritual hitam, dan ritme dari Karibia.

Band jazz khas terdiri dari satu atau dua pemain cornet, pemain klarinet dan trombone. Terkadang ada piano, banjo, tuba, dan drum untuk mengiringi klakson. Jazz Orleans yang baru kemudian dikenal sebagai Dixieland. Seiring berjalannya waktu, jazz melakukan perjalanan ke Mississippi ke Chicago dan kemudian ke New York City. Jazz band besar muncul ketika band-band menjadi lebih besar dan memiliki lebih banyak instrumen. Ada tiga bagian dari band besar: instrumen kuningan dengan terompet dan trombon, alang-alang dengan saksofon dan klarinet dan instrumen ritme (piano, gitar, double bass dan drum)

Pemimpin band terkenal adalah Fletcher Henderson dan Benny Goodman. Jazz big band lebih halus dengan ritme yang lebih ringan. Sebagian besar band memiliki solois terkenal seperti Louis Armstrong, musisi paling terkenal saat itu.


1930-an dan 1940-an disebut era ayunan. Musik gratis dan santai selama periode ini. Awal mula radio membuat jazz terkenal di seluruh Amerika. Beberapa band paling populer di negara ini dipimpin oleh Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey dan Glenn Miller, yang mungkin yang paling sukses dari semua.

Mungkin band besar terbesar sepanjang masa dipimpin oleh pianis dan komposer Duke Ellington. Dia menulis lebih dari 1000 karya. Lagu-lagunya yang paling terkenal adalah “Sophanggih Lady” dan Mood Indigo “.


Gaya jazz utama berikutnya adalah bebop yang berlangsung hingga sekitar tahun 1960. Dipainkan dalam kelompok-kelompok yang lebih kecil dan hampir tidak di band-band besar. Musisi rock tidak mengimprovisasi melodi seperti musisi-musisi jazz sebelumnya, tetapi akord lagu. Banyak potongan bebop juga dimainkan dengan sangat cepat. Pusat bebop adalah Kansas City, tempat musisi bebop terbesar, Charlie Parker, tumbuh.

Pada saat yang sama ketika bebop muncul di Midwest, hard bop muncul di kota-kota timur. Itu kuat dan penuh energi dan menekankan suara Afrika-Amerika. Organ listrik menjadi instrumen yang populer dan Miles Davis adalah salah satu pembalap paling terkenal saat itu.

Pada 1960-an musisi mulai mencari cara lain untuk berimprovisasi jazz. John Coltrane dan Ornette Coleman menjadi pemain terbaik jazz gratis, demikian sebutannya.

Hari ini jazz dimainkan di seluruh dunia, di aula konser maupun di klub malam yang gelap. Banyak festival jazz terkenal di dunia berlangsung di Eropa dan Jepang.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong adalah musisi jazz terhebat di Amerika. Ia lahir di New Orleans, tempat kelahiran jazz. Ayahnya meninggalkan keluarga tak lama setelah Louis lahir sehingga bocah itu harus menghabiskan tahun-tahun awalnya tinggal bersama neneknya.

Louis menyukai semua jenis musik. Dia membeli sebuah cornet tua dan belajar cara bermain. Ketika dia di kelas tiga dia keluar dari sekolah dan mulai bernyanyi di jalanan untuk mendapatkan uang untuk keluarganya.

Louis menghabiskan masa remajanya dengan menjual koran dan menurunkan pisang dari kapal. Di waktu luangnya, ia mendengarkan band-band terkenal saat itu. Kemudian, ia mulai tampil di kapal uap dan selama periode ini ia belajar cara membaca musik dan memainkan karya klasik di cornet.

Pada tahun 1922 Louis mulai bermain dalam sebuah band di Chicago dan kemudian pindah ke New York, di mana ia bermain di salah satu band kota yang paling terkenal. Tidak ada orang lain yang bisa bermain sebanyak yang dia bisa. Dia dengan mudah mencapai nada tertinggi dan memainkan solo yang bagus.

Setelah beberapa tahun di New York, ia kembali ke Chicago di mana ia membuat rekaman pertamanya. Di sini ia mulai memainkan trompet. Dalam salah satu rekaman, Louis menjatuhkan teksnya ke lantai. Produser menyuruhnya terus bernyanyi sehingga Louis berimprovisasi dan menyanyikan suku kata yang tidak ada artinya. Ini dikenal sebagai “scat singing”. Segera banyak musisi jazz lain mencoba meniru gaya bernyanyi ini.

Catatan-catatannya membuatnya terkenal dan ketika ia pindah kembali ke New York pada tahun 1929, para pemimpin band di seluruh kota ingin memiliki Louis di orkestra mereka. Dia tidak hanya merekam musik tetapi juga tampil di Broadway dan bermain di film. Louis Armstrong adalah seorang penyanyi, penari dan master terompet. Dia melakukan perjalanan ke seluruh dunia dan membuat orang senang melalui musiknya.

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