Teks Berita Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bisnis Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru

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PustakaBahasaInggris.com – Artikel hari ini berisi informasi tentang Teks Berita Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bisnis Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru.

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Teks Berita Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bisnis Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru

Teks Berita Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bisnis Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru
Teks Berita Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bisnis Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan dan Daftar Kosakata Baru

Singles Day Achieves Record $25 Billion

Singles Day is the biggest e-commerce day in the world. Organized by China’s Alibaba, shopping sales on November 11 hit a record $25 billion, 40% more than on Singles Day 2016. In contrast, Prime Day, organized by Amazon achieved only $1 billion in sales. During the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend of 2016 American online shoppers spent $5 billion.

Singles Day started out as an informal holiday in China, celebrating people who stayed single. Similar to Valentine’s Day in the western world Singles Day took place on 11/11. In 2009, Alibaba turned it into a shopping holiday and in the past 8 years, sales have steadily increased.

Although the event targets mostly Chinese customers, shoppers came from 220 countries. Over 80 brands took part in the event, with Nike and Xiaomi Corp. among the biggest winners. Household goods and electrical appliances were the most bought products, but customers sought bargains for almost everything, ranging from cheap toilet paper to rice.

At its peak Alibaba’s computers handled 250 000 transactions per second, most of them coming in via mobile phones. In the weeks before the event was held, Alibaba had helped 600,000 companies upgrade their computer systems to make them fit for Singles Day.

The event was also turned into a gala in Shanghai where celebrities Nicole Kidman and tennis star Maria Sharapova counted down the seconds until the world’ largest sales event started.

Many critics of the event say that Singles Day is environmentally controversial. It creates an enormous amount of waste. According to Greenpeace, 1 billion packages were delivered in the days that followed the event.

Alibaba’s Singles Day is a display of Chinese spending power. The company’s owner, Jack Ma, is one of China’s richest men. He has been investing heavily in new technologies including automated stores which use facial recognition systems.

Daftar Kosa Kata (Vocabularies)

  • according to = … as said by
  • achieve = here: reach a number of sales
  • automated = where everything is done automatically, without people helping
  • although = while
  • bargain = to buy something cheaply, for less money than usual
  • billion = a thousand million
  • brand = type of product made by a company
  • celebrate = here: in honour of, to show respect for
  • celebrity = famous person
  • controversial =  here: to cause a lot of disagreement
  • critic = a person who is against something
  • customer = a person who buys something
  • deliver = to bring to a person’s home
  • display = to show something
  • e-commerce = buying and selling things with computers over the Internet
  • electrical appliance = things you use at home and need electricity, like a cooker or washing machine
  • enormous = very large
  • environment = nature and the world around us
  • facial recognition = when a computer image of a person can find out who they are
  • handle = deal with
  • heavily = very much
  • household goods = things that you need in the house and use every day
  • in contrast = the difference between two things
  • including = also
  • increase = to go up
  • informal = not official
  • record = highest
  • sales = buying and selling products
  • seek – sought = look for
  • steadily = slowly
  • target = people who the event aims at; potential customers
  • transaction = here:  the sales of a single product
  • upgrade = here: to give a computer more power, so that it can do more things
  • via = by way of, through
  • waste = unwanted things that you throw away and don’t need any more

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Singles Day Meraih Rekor $ 25 Miliar

Singles Day adalah hari e-commerce terbesar di dunia. Diorganisasikan oleh China Alibaba, penjualan belanja pada 11 November mencapai rekor $ 25 miliar, 40% lebih tinggi dari pada Singles Day 2016. Sebaliknya, Prime Day, yang diselenggarakan oleh Amazon hanya mencapai $ 1 miliar dalam penjualan. Selama Thanksgiving dan Black Friday, akhir pekan 2016, pembeli online Amerika menghabiskan $ 5 miliar.

Singles Day dimulai sebagai hari libur informal di Cina, merayakan orang-orang yang tetap melajang. Mirip dengan Hari Valentine di dunia barat, Singles Day terjadi pada 11/11. Pada tahun 2009, Alibaba mengubahnya menjadi liburan belanja dan dalam 8 tahun terakhir, penjualan terus meningkat.

Meskipun acara tersebut menargetkan sebagian besar pelanggan Cina, pembeli datang dari 220 negara. Lebih dari 80 merek ikut serta dalam acara ini, dengan Nike dan Xiaomi Corp di antara pemenang terbesar. Barang-barang rumah tangga dan peralatan listrik adalah produk yang paling banyak dibeli, tetapi pelanggan mencari penawaran untuk hampir semuanya, mulai dari kertas toilet murah hingga beras.

Pada puncaknya, komputer Alibaba menangani 250.000 transaksi per detik, kebanyakan dari mereka datang melalui telepon seluler. Dalam minggu-minggu sebelum acara diadakan, Alibaba telah membantu 600.000 perusahaan meningkatkan sistem komputer mereka agar cocok untuk Singles Day.

Acara ini juga berubah menjadi gala di Shanghai di mana selebriti Nicole Kidman dan bintang tenis Maria Sharapova menghitung mundur detik sampai acara penjualan terbesar dunia dimulai.

Banyak kritikus dari acara tersebut mengatakan bahwa Singles Day adalah lingkungan yang kontroversial. Ini menciptakan sejumlah besar limbah. Menurut Greenpeace, 1 miliar paket dikirimkan pada hari-hari setelah acara.

Hari Singles Alibaba adalah tampilan kekuatan pembelanjaan Tiongkok. Pemilik perusahaan, Jack Ma, adalah salah satu orang terkaya di Tiongkok. Dia telah banyak berinvestasi dalam teknologi baru termasuk toko otomatis yang menggunakan sistem pengenalan wajah.

Ford To Invest $11 Billion in Electric Cars

The Ford Motor Company has revealed plans to invest over $11 billion dollars in the development and production of electric cars by 2022. The announcement was made public at the Detroit Motor Show.

The American carmaker plans to produce 16 fully battery-driven vehicles and 24 hybrid cars by 2022. At the moment the Focus is the only Ford car that can be driven by batteries alone.

Apart from producing electric-driven cars for the North American market, Ford also aims at increasing sales to China, the largest growing car market in the world. In addition, it wants to become the world’s leader in fuel-efficient trucks. The car producer also plans to bring a battery-driven SUV on the market by 2020.

Instead of creating completely new electric vehicles from scratch, Ford wants to electrify cars that are already popular because people will know what they get and buy more easily.

Automobile manufacturers around the world are under pressure to develop electric cars because many large countries, including China, India, France and the U.K. have said they would phase out vehicles powered by internal combustion engines within the next two decades. They also face fierce competition from companies like Tesla, a car-maker that specialises in innovative technologies.

As battery costs are going down rapidly, carmakers may find it easier to produce electric cars with higher mileage and at cheaper prices.

Daftar Kosa Kata (Vocabularies)

  • aim = target , plan
  • announcement = official statement
  • apart from = other than
  • battery-driven = run by a battery
  • billion = a thousand million
  • competition = trying to be more successful than other companies
  • decade = ten years
  • development = working on a new product
  • electrify = make electric
  • fierce = here: strong
  • from scratch = to start something from the beginning without using anything that has existed before
  • fuel-efficient = car that burns fuel in a more effective way than usual; it does not need as much fuel as others do
  • fully = completely
  • higher mileage = here: to make an electric car that can travel more miles or kilometres before you have to recharge it
  • hybrid car = a car that has both a petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor
  • in addition = also
  • an innovative = new way of doing something; often better than existing methods
  • instead of = in something’s place
  • internal combustion engine = engine that produces power by burning petrol or diesel; it is used in most cars
  • invest = spend money on …
  • make public = to say something for everyone to hear
  • manufacturer = producer
  • phase out = to slowly stop using or producing something
  • popular = well-known and liked by many people
  • production = here: making cars
  • rapidly = quickly
  • reveal = announce too many people
  • sales = selling cars
  • SUV = sport-utility vehicle = car that is bigger and is made for travelling over rough ground; mostly with a 4-wheel drive
  • under pressure = to make someone do something  by using arguments and threats
  • vehicle = a machine with a motor that is used to take people or things from one place to another


Ford Akan Investasikan $ 11 Miliar untuk Mobil Listrik

Ford Motor Company telah mengungkapkan rencana untuk berinvestasi lebih dari $ 11 miliar dolar dalam pengembangan dan produksi mobil listrik pada tahun 2022. Pengumuman ini diumumkan kepada publik di Detroit Motor Show.

Pembuat mobil Amerika berencana untuk memproduksi 16 kendaraan yang sepenuhnya digerakkan baterai dan 24 mobil hybrid pada tahun 2022. Saat ini Focus adalah satu-satunya mobil Ford yang dapat dikendarai dengan baterai saja.

Selain memproduksi mobil yang digerakkan listrik untuk pasar Amerika Utara, Ford juga bertujuan meningkatkan penjualan ke Cina, pasar mobil dengan pertumbuhan terbesar di dunia. Selain itu, ia ingin menjadi pemimpin dunia dalam truk hemat bahan bakar. Produser mobil juga berencana untuk membawa SUV berbasis baterai di pasar pada tahun 2020.

Alih-alih menciptakan kendaraan listrik yang sama sekali baru dari awal, Ford ingin menggemparkan mobil yang sudah populer karena orang akan tahu apa yang mereka dapatkan dan beli dengan lebih mudah.

Pabrikan mobil di seluruh dunia berada di bawah tekanan untuk mengembangkan mobil listrik karena banyak negara besar, termasuk Cina, India, Prancis, dan Inggris mengatakan mereka akan menghapus kendaraan yang ditenagai oleh mesin pembakaran internal dalam dua dekade mendatang. Mereka juga menghadapi persaingan sengit dari perusahaan seperti Tesla, pembuat mobil yang berspesialisasi dalam teknologi inovatif.

Karena biaya baterai turun dengan cepat, pembuat mobil mungkin merasa lebih mudah untuk memproduksi mobil listrik dengan jarak tempuh yang lebih tinggi dan dengan harga yang lebih murah.

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